Brilliant Garden Tub Decor Ideas For Your Beautiful Bathroom

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Brilliant Garden Tub Decor Ideas For Your Beautiful Bathroom 02

A tub garden is perfectly suitable for small spaces, like patios or mini-gardens. Tub gardens are ideal for small spaces where you cannot plant anything, like an entrance of your home or a back patio or in your atrium. Tub gardens are generally of same size as a wine or a whisky barrel. Usually, tubs are made from cutting the wine or whisky barrels into half.

A typical tub garden takes up three square feet's of your space. They may be accompanied along with fish, water lily, or green bamboo, poppies, or other water blending ornaments. A bamboo water fountain perfectly fits in a tub garden if it is designed appropriately. Variety of pots, tubs or basins may be used to create a personal tub garden with beautiful flora and fauna.

Water rich gardens like tub gardens and bog gardens add refreshing aura to the surroundings. They hydrate the air around them and add oxygen to this air. A hydrated air is very good for health and keeps the respiratory illnesses away. That's why when you visit a natural waterfall or a river, your senses are refreshed and rejuvenated. There is a lot of beauty to a bog garden or a tub garden and the best part is that they do not require a lot of work or space. Simple kits may be bought from and you are ready to go. Or if you want to give your artistic abilities a shot, try designing your own water garden and unleash your creativity.

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