Fabulous Spring Flower Arrangements Ideas

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The skillful gardener employs numerous devices to achieve a colorful flower bed or border. For example, by planting spring-flowering bulbs between and beneath other flowers, each square foot of ground should give at least two crops of bloom. Conversely, after spring bulbs, such as daffodils and tulips, are through blooming, they may be interplanted with annuals for summer bloom.

As summer-blooming annuals go by in September, they can be followed by chrysanthemum clumps transplanted from another part of the garden. An orderly plan, made in advance, will simplify the task of keeping the show going from season to season. The kinds of fresh flower arrangements blooming and green plants you grow will be determined in a measure by the amount of sunlight available. This will vary from bed to bed, from one side of the house to the other.

Most flowers will thrive in full sun but a few require shade. Others are shade tolerant, though doing better with a greater amount of sunlight. So it is possible to have flowers in the shade of trees, shrubs, and buildings even where no direct sunlight reaches. Such plants as ferns, many wildflowers, and begonias have to be protected from the summer sun, for otherwise, they may sun-scorch. When making a plan, it is important to know how tall each kind of flower grows so as not to plant tall-growing ones in front of low ones.

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