Fascinating Summer Dining Room Decor Ideas

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The dining room isn't the most popular room in most houses. Many home owners rarely use the space and it sits cold, empty and forgotten. Add some life to the dining room with these decorating tips. Create a multi-purpose eating space that can be used all day long. Even if you have plenty of space, make the room a true entertainment destination full of things to talk about.

Build bookshelves and line them with games to pull out after dinner or place books on them that are sure to get your guests talking. And, when you don't have company, you can use the room as a reading room. Place a cozy lounge chair in one corner to curl up and show that room really is used and loved. If you're not into creating a cluttered space, keep it simple but go bold. Pick a paint color that makes a statement like summer.

Warm colors will work best. Paint an accent wall or all four walls to make the room memorable and a place to talk about. Add spark to the dining room by making it personal. Line the walls with photos. Again, this gives guests something to talk about during dinner and shows your personal side. The dining room doesn't have to be the forgotten room. Get creative and don't be afraid to think outside of the box to create a room that is sure to be remembered and make a splash. Remember to personalize the space and make it something that's useful.

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